Social components for actualising co-operative relations in partnerships of leadership,
trust, truth & transparency

Ancient and modern tools for restoring the village

Facilitation for groups and individuals


Advisory sessions
If you or your relationship, partnership or organisation are experiencing stress and communication challenges as result of the the current crisis and or isolations – (by donation for those with financial difficulties)

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Upcoming Trainings,
Retreats and Events

Intro Training – The Male Journey UK


1. What was the best thing about the training?


MH: Difficult to pick out one thing as the whole package was really good. But probably the highlight was the way the group gelled together and the high levels of trust that enabled us to do some profound work together.

SL: The best thing about the training was the power of ...




An area bounded by a single curved line every point of which is equally distant from the centre

A group of people bound together by common interests




'com' from the Latin word 'communis' meaning common

'unity' – 'unis' meaning one or oneness

Rob Dreaming

Way of Council Trainer,
Mentor, Wilderness Guide
& Consciousness Coach

• Trainings
• Workshops
• Conflict Exploration
• Vision & Dream-work
• Community & Teambuilding
• Relationship & Family councils
• International Group-work


“Gateway to belonging” – 
Elemental immersion journey- Portugal June 2022 
 –What is the gift that we carry to best serve
our community and our Earth in our times?–

We invite you to an engagement in practices that bring us to a place of mental stillness and focussed awareness of what is most vital

Vision Council
Medicine Walk
Nature-based Practices
Elemental Yoga

In simplifying interconnectedness with natural forces, we thus take a committed pledge to healing disconnection, a moving forward with the powerful steps of heart, body and mind.

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Upcoming programs

Accompanied through a group process into a solo time, a 24-hour fast grounding into meaningful connection with nature, our lives and the forthcoming change of season.
Rob Dreaming, Krisztina Pasztor

The Autumn equinox provides a compelling opportunity to reawaken and set the foundations for a relationship of honest intimacy and (re)alignment between us and the Earth. This program is offered to facilitate a harvest and a preparation for going within; an initiation to pull us out of the familiar world and support us in rediscovering an often neglected capacity to witness and connect to a more expansive  narrative of self and our place in the natural world and our lives.

Alentejo, Portugal

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3-day introduction to Council, supported by the peaceful environment of Quinta Ten-Chi

Over 20 hours of tuition with Rob Dreaming and experienced team

Council is about relationships, a method to support group processes and personal development, for vision and clarifying purpose, co-operative learning environments, co-creating an experience of connection, trust, teamwork, intimacy, empathy and transparency. This will be an opportunity for a new/old way to emerge, take shape, open the heart and practice the powerful yet simple forms of council, immediately applicable for professional and personal life.

Sintra, Portugal

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The Earthlink Fast
– Call for Guides 2022

“As long as you catch what you have thrown yourself,
it´s all skill and gain you can do without -;
only when of a sudden, you become the catcher of a ball the eternal co-player
threw towards your center,
an accurate and skilful trajectory in one of these arches
of God´s vast bridge-building:
only then is ability to catch an acquirement -
not yours; but the world’s…”
(Excerpt from Rilke)

The Earthlink Fast is a fast for listening, looking and learning with the Earth
in attempt to “catch the ball of the eternal co-player”.
This is an invitation to participate in and as a group of trained Vision-fast
guides from many nations/continents around the globe, in collaboration of a
part online, part nature-based fast, each being in our respective locations over
a period of several days, to simultaneously act as a global net, an ‘Earthlink’
with a shared purpose.

available soon

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– Circle of Voices –
interviewed by Andrea Widegreen for waysofcouncil.org Listen here –  Introduction to Council –Basic instruction with guidelines and soundbytes for circle practiceListen here