Rob Dreaming
My Soul Purpose in this life is to work with Arts & Communication

Way of Council
Since 2002 I have facilitated Council and talking circles with workshops and drop-in sessions, UK and Europe. I am a recognised Carrier, Facilitator and Trainer of Way Of Council by elders of the Ojai Foundation, trained by and a mentee to Gigi Coyle – Ojai Foundation and (SOLB) School of Lost Borders Council Trainer

Supportive trainings
Vision Fast Guide Training with SOLB California, Sociocracy, NVC and Restorative circles, FORUM (ZEGG/Tamera communities have developed over three decades) all as tools for group and individual development and transparency, wilderness and nature-based learning.

Qualified Avatar Master/Wizard, in the practice of and teaching a 9-day self-development course in consciousness training since 1997 known as the Avatar Course.

Other disciplines and trainings include acting, theatre and live event work, 15 years in regular 5 Rhythms movement practice, over 25 years of yoga and meditation including dynamic and standing, Massage, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Awareness and Dreamwork, 27 years freelance graphic designer and illustrator, a published author, artist and performance poet.

As a member of Beyond Boundaries we are responding to invitations and calls for support from a growing global community of people and places committed to a regenerative future. These calls are opportunities to build alliances beyond boundaries, beyond culture, beyond personal and organizational borders, alliances that foster intergenerational, cross-cultural collaboration in care for people, place and planet.

Core member of the ECN (European Council Network) and served for 3 years in the Spiral of 5, a group of people entrusted with the role of best serving the growing network of council facilitators and trainers in Europe.

S.O.A.R. School of all Relations (Greece). Core team and contributor to the holistic education syllabus with Council and other modalities.

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I am interested in people.
In the potential that people have in listening together and communicating without the entanglement of an idea that is snagged upon ownership – the idea is mine or yours, but a shared reality with intelligence beyond myself, yourself, perhaps even ourself.


To make easy, to bring out what is present


Living and walking council brings challenge and opportunity in every exchange, the job of the peace-maker highly sought, not as a punitive replica of western justice, but of co-operative mediation and true collective responsibility.



The Avatar Course