The experience or existence of being related; connected or associated.
A particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other.

A romantic or sexual involvement.


Something considered said or done in answer, reply

One-2-One Coaching
Mentoring, Relationship & Family Councils

Deep listening and feedback through
Mentoring, Reflection and Mirrors


Whether it be in relationship to ourselves, our interactions with the world, with another, a group or situation, Council offers not therapy, (as in councelling) but huge potential for remedy, focus and empowerment, cross-pollination of ideas, conferring embodied wisdom and experience.

One-2-One Coaching Attentive listening, witnessing, asking the right question, challenging the paradigm that brings the question. Tools and techniques that stimulate attention in the client to new creativity with their situation and needs. Rob lives with the belief that we have in ourselves all the information needed to make a considered response, change or personal development, reach our true potential.

Mentoring Council Weaving the collective wisdom and multiple viewpoints of the circle within a group dynamic to bring out the solution already present or that opens the path toward it. Supporting a shift in co-operative human resources.

Relationship Council An empathic listening through the form of Dyadic or Triad council. A witness seat that brings honoring to the relation allows the participants to seek for input on what is seen and heard, be held in dignity and unconditional positive regard to find another dimension in support of union. An experiential learning about the relationship itself as a living being, inviting council with 'it' – a response from the 3rd

Family Council A focus on the equality and non-interruptive space created by council. An empowering form to bring alive the dynamic that binds and brings cohesion, to see each other as we really are, to practice the language of dignity and respect despite our differences, celebrating our kinship, care and love.




FEEDBACK from Pre-Birth Council

'We were at a crisis point in our relationship and the space you held helped me to connect and process some dark and truly uncomfortable emotions. I had felt totally disempowered, fearful and spiritually void, which is a terrible position to be in when one is at loggerheads with one’s partner and about to have a child. I found the experience transcendental and shamanic, in that so much of the detritus was cleared without the need for words. Having you come on such short notice to mediate for us was a priceless gift. I felt truly supported and part of a real community!
I’ve no doubt that the journey we three took through council helped our son to be born safe and well in a peaceful, loving and welcoming environment.
Blessings on you and many, many thanks'

R. V

...during our council session with him (Rob) we experienced a deep sacredness in our communication together, and the impact of this on our relationship has been profound

R. F.

FEEDBACK from relationship sessions

I found the council a few weeks ago deeply moving and inspiring and it has appeared to facilitate S and I taking the step to actually gift each other with freedom and commit to unconditional love. We will see how that unfolds for us as individuals and as partners.
I notice you used 'heart full' to describe your experience and that is exactly how I experienced your facilitation: i wanted to thank you for that.


As a group we were all finding the pace of life stressful, our ability to communicate our feelings, concerns and ideas became increasingly harder to achieve. Over-reacting emotionally led quickly to arguments and further distress for us all.
Our group session with Rob unblocked the energy, feelings and concerns that we were all suffering. By having the opportunity to speak uninterrupted in a safe and regulated environment allowed us all to witness and empathise with each others concerns. It removed much of the defensive and fearful aspects of engaging in debate. We rapidly moved forward and began to enjoy our exchange of ideas and feelings. This has led to a greater feeling of mutual and harmonious solidarity. Change for us now is very dynamic and exciting. I think I can speak for the group by saying that the experience was both rejuvenating and healing.

C.G. – UK

Thanks for Rob's help! One day with Rob's help our family quickly ended the kind of dreadful atmosphere in our new life. His gentle attitude and bright ideas quickly opened all of our hearts to the sunshine and now we can get warm sunshine from each other! We could talk, criticise, communicate easily and we are in such a harmonious happy family. We are thankful to you Rob!

L.Y.J. – China was a pleasure even for that day. We applied the council with Stella my wife, it seemed like the most honest and real conversation we had. It's like it dissolves fear of judgement on the one part and judgement altogether on the other.

N. M. – Greece

And I want to share that I invited to and held a family council last Sunday with my family (brother, father and mother). Basically I had really badly cornered myself in my relation to them, thrown a few bombs and was not able to see any other reasonable solution than inviting for a council (which I think I always thought impossible to have with them) or quit all further contact with them.

Pushing the send button for the invitation I was shivering all over.... And waiting time was a bit unbearable until they all accepted.

So they went into council without knowing anything about it. I spent 15 minutes framing it very clearly and opening (mother decided it be fire to open council) the council I was actually able to let go of facilitator role and let the council carry us through. Feelings were intense and lots of old stuff was shared. But everyone stayed all way through both physically and mentally and listened to eachother.

WAUUUU it was and still is a fantastic experience what we were actually able to share in those one and a half hours the council lasted. And afterwards the general feedback was very positive. For me I feel I am no longer holding back a part of myself from my near family whish is such a relief. It feels like some rinsed our relation with nurturing water and we can all breathe freely in the relation again.

T. M . – Denmark