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The Ball-Catch Fast

– Call for Guides 30 Aug - 5 Sept 2020

“As long as you catch what you have thrown yourself,
it´s all skill and gain you can do without -;
only when of a sudden, you become the catcher of a ball the eternal co-player
threw towards your center,
an accurate and skilful trajectory in one of these arches
of God´s vast bridge-building:
only then is ability to catch an acquirement -
not yours; but the world’s…”
(Excerpt from Rilke)

The Ball-Catch is a fast for listening, looking and learning with the Earth
in attempt to “catch the ball of the eternal co-player”.
This is an invitation to participate in and as a group of trained Vision-fast
guides from many nations/continents around the globe, in collaboration of a
part online, part nature-based fast, each being in our respective locations over
a period of several days, to simultaneously act as a global net, an ‘Earthlink’
with a shared purpose.

In readiness to enter “Don´t know land” to listen, look and learn from what
may be heard or emerging in a collective sense from our global co-player, or
group soul of the world, one may challenge the behaviour to re-enact old
stories that are stored in our “narrative network”; the left half of our brain and
receive truly new insights, motivations and experiences.
In being a collective of Earthlinks who comprehend the idea of acting as a
receptor between human and planet as a living regenerative power, we will sit
on the cushion of the earth, relax, offer back and receive, live and breath that
experience to return to be mirrored and offer the essences of our stories as
co-players, in weaving and contributing to a new story for us and our collective

Please join us – 30-Aug - 5-Sept 2020 (with some prep time before)
Contact one of the guides below for further information via return email, which
will include an invitation for those who sign up to an online council to explore
further questions and collaboration.

Even though we call for trained VF guides to actually do the fast, we foresee
many ways to participate, collaborate and co-create. If this event touches you,
please get back in touch with us.

Initiating this ceremony are –
Rob Dreaming, UK/Portugal (English language) rob@heart-source.com
Holger Heiten, Germany (Eng and German) holger.intern@eschwege-institut.de
Kap Young, California USA (English) kapyoung@mac.com

Contact one of these guides to register your wish to collaborate and co-create
this fast.


"The way that we preserve our ceremonies, our culture, is by sharing the knowledge with those who would take the time to listen."
- Grandmother Mona



Occurring, growing, or living in a natural state; not domesticated, cultivated, or tame.


Something characterized by bewildering vastness, perilousness, or unchecked profusion.
a wild, uncultivated, uninhabited region, as of forest or desert.
A large tract of land that has not been significantly affected by human activities.


A voluntary abstinence or limiting of one’s food, especially as a spiritual or religious observance