Excerpt from Hiawatha and the Great Peace
Torkom Saraydarian


Then Dekanawidah said to the Council of the Great Peace
"We must have peace, we must have peace within, and in all our relationships. There is the Law of the Great Spirit. This law is peace, justice and righteousness in thought, in word, in action.

Peace is the health of the nation. Peace is wisdom, peace is love. Peace is the flower of the spirit in man, in the nation. Peace is life. Without peace man is dead; the nation is dead; the world is dead.

Every tree is a symbol of peace. Whenever you see a tree, remember peace, justice, righteousness, wisdom and love. Remember unity. Remember the roots of the tree, deep in the good earth. Peace has roots, peace has branches, flowers and fruits. Peace is life...
... one cannot have peace until he becomes peace. The roots of peace are strong. Peace is rooted in the human spirit.

On every tree visualise an eagle with fiery eyes and with fiery watchfullness. Peace must be protected. Peace must have eagle eyes, eagle wings... to include all, to be watchful of every move against peace. No peace can endure the blows of chaos unless the brave ones, like eagles, stand guard.

Look at that huge pine tree under which a stream of pure water flows day and night. Imagine that a white carpet is slowly emerging and spreading itself over the hills, over the fields. This tree is the sisterhood of women.
The white carpet is peace. The braches of the trees are the sisters in every nation.

And see, upon the top of this tree is an eagle, the guardian of the tree of the
sisterhood of humanity.

This eagle's duty is to watch so that no enemy can destroy the tree, the sisterhood of humanity, so that the women in coming ages will be able to present the greatest power and lead their children into peace.

The roots of the tree are the nations which will come together to form a confederation all over the world. The eagle, age after age, will stand on watch in all directions, so that no one dares to disturb the peace of all nations and lead them away from the path of righteousness."

And Dekanawidah added:
"Under this gigantic tree, all nations will come to find their peace"

Community – Communication

Essentially, the same word
com – L. with ....... unis – L. one
Community is the state of common agreement
Communication is the act of expressing that agreement or the effort to create it