The Benefits

Here’s some of what you recover with Avatar®


• Your ability to create beliefs

A belief is not really a belief unless it is completely true to us. We may wish or desire for something to be true, but that’s not the same as actually believing it is true. In the Avatar course, you’ll learn how to swiftly and easily create beliefs that you prefer to have through a series of exercises and shifts in your consciousness. And when you intentionally create a belief, you’ll have the immediate experience of the new reality you have created

• Your ability to discreate beliefs

Usually people try to change their lives by choosing to believe new ideas which appear preferable. But while they plainly see the value of these new ideas, their prior experiences keep reasserting themselves, preventing the changes they would like to have from their new beliefs. During the Avatar course, you’ll have shifts in your consciousness that make it possible for you to discreate the beliefs you would prefer not to have. You acquire simple, but effective tools to discreate prior experiences that are asserting themselves and that prevent you from changing your life. When you discreate these beliefs, you’ll have the immediate experience of your reality changing too

• Your ability to fully experience life

You actually reconnect with the experiential awareness of your own existence. It’s a moment of exhilaration. People often have many kinds of realisations when they first experience themselves in this way. You rediscover your connections to life. You have the actual, palpable experience of feeling connected with anything you choose


• Your ability to free your self from judgements

Your discovery on the Avatar course that it’s your beliefs that create your experiences, will naturally result in judgements melting away. And if you have resistance to letting go of judgements you no longer wish to have, you‘ll learn how to eliminate the resistance as well as the judgements. This ability can be both liberating and energising

• Your ability to explore your own consciousness

Avatar is an extraordinary adventure into your own consciousness. With the Avatar tools, there are simply no limits to your explorations. Your adventure will be as exciting and rewarding as you can possibly imagine

Avatar integrates life

• Avatar is not a belief system

Avatar is not a religion or philosophical system above and beyond the concept that our beliefs create our reality. Avatar doesn’t tell you how it is, was or will be since everyone’s reality is unique. Many of us share realities and truths, yet truths for one person may not be true for another, but the truth will remain the truth for the person who is indeed experiencing it. it is real.







You experience what you believe, unless you believe you won't, in which case you dont, which means you did.

– Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials



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